Auth Mobile Google
(iOS Export)

Last Updated: 02 Jul 2022


1. Go to Firebase Console > Project Settings

2. Add an iOS App

3. Click on your iOS app option and download "GoogleService-Info.plist"

4. Open the downloaded file. Search for "REVERSED_CLIENT_ID". Then copy the required String.

None of these values should be completely empty. If you do not need any of these, at least set the value to some dummy string. For eg. "none"

4. Paste the REVERSED_CLIENT_ID in the Firebase Auth Mobile (Google) Plugin Property.

Step 2: Import GoogleService-Info.plist

Import GoogleService-Info.plist to Files in your Construct 3 project.

Step 3: Set C3 Project ID

1. Go to Firebase Console Project Settings. Copy app Bundle ID.

2. In your Construct 3 Project Properties, paste the value in ID.

Step 4: Export

Export your project to iOS (XCode).

Step 5: Install Cocoapods Dependency

  1. Open your mac terminal

2. Install Cocoapods:

sudo gem install cocoapods

4. Navigate to your XCode project folder using this command:


5. Install pod dependency in your XCode Project:

pod install

Step 6: Build your Project

Make sure to always open the Xcode workspace (.xcworkspace file) and then build.