Auth Mobile Facebook

Last Updated: 04 Oct 2021

NOTE: Before proceeding with the steps below, make sure to Follow all the steps in this article- Enable Facebook Login for HTML5.

Step 1: Plugin Properties

Get App ID and App Name from the Facebook Developers Console.

Step 2: Set C3 Project ID

1. Go to Firebase Console Project Settings. Copy app Package Name.

2. In your Construct 3 Project Properties, paste the value in ID.

Step 3(i): Release Key Hash (for Android)

  1. Go to Quick Start for Android:

  2. Select your app from the dropdown list

3. Scroll Down to enter your Package Name and Default Activity Class Name

Default Activity Class Name should look like this: [YOUR_PACKAGE_NAME].MainActivity

4. Enter a random value in the Key Hashes. This is a dummy value, you will have to change this later. Make sure that it is 28 characters long.


5. Next, go to Construct 3 editor and export your Project to "Signed Debug APK" and select Min. version- 9

6. Run the APK, and Sign in with Facebook

7. After that, an error Screen will appear. This error will contain the final Hash Key of your App. Copy the Hash Key, as shown in the image above.

8. Go to Facebook Developers Console. Enter your Final Key Hash.

Now, you are good to go! Restart the installed apk, and try Sign In with Facebook.

Step 3(ii): Set-up Facebook App & Project (for iOS)

Follow these instructions.

Android Export Property

1. Your Android build type must be Signed.
(Select one of the three highlighted options)

2. Min. version must be greater than or equal to 9.0.0