Last Updated: 05 May 2021

Enable Debug from Firebase SDK Plugin

  1. Go to Firebase SDK Plugin Properties

2. Enable Debug

Do not forget to turn this feature off when exporting for the final/public release of your app. Otherwise, your database might be susceptible to attacks.

Open up the JavaScript Console

METHOD 1: Using Browser Tools

The JavaScript Console is located in the Developer Tools of your browser.

Simply Press F12 and Go to the "Console" Tab.

METHOD 2: Using Eruda Console Plugin

Simply add Eruda Console Plugin to your Project to start Debugging. An example has been provided in the BASIC Pack. See Debugging.c3p Example.

Plugin Link:

(This plugin also works on Android and iOS)

Color Code of Debug Logs


Firebase Realtime-Database Plugin: Read

Firebase Realtime-Database Plugin: Write

Firebase Plugin Errors