Enable Workers

Last Updated: 16 Jul 2021

NOTE: Worker Support for Firebase has been temporarily disabled.

Worker support will be available when Construct 3 updates its Google Closure Compiler which is used to Advanced Minify. Unless this issue gets solved, Construct Projects using Worker Mode will fail to Advanced Minify.
See Github issue:

(Scirra is a small team, let's not be impatient while they take their time to update their dependencies)

What is Worker?

Worker mode basically allows your C3 Game and other web apps to run in different threads, which allows better memory management and handles crashing of websites or C3 Games.

Read this article https://www.construct.net/en/blogs/ashleys-blog-2/performance-isolation-html5-1512

In short, if all your other plugins support worker mode, its always good to enable Workers in your C3 Project.

Note that, other third-party addons you might be using might not support Worker Mode.

To Enable Workers, go to Project properties, then Advanced > Use worker > Select "Yes"

Workers and Firebase Plugin Support

List of Plugins that fully support Worker Mode

If your project contains these plugins, you can feel free to turn on Worker Mode:

  • Firebase SDK

  • Firebase RD Basic

  • Firebase RD Pro

  • Firebase Cloud Storage

List of Plugins that partially support Worker Mode:

If your project contains any of these plugins, you might need to turn off Worker Mode, depending on which operations you are using:

  • Firebase Auth Basic

  • Firebase Auth Pro

(OAuth and Phone Auth doesnt work in HTML5 Export/Preview if Worker is enabled. Read More below)

Firebase Auth and Workers Support

These two Operations: 1.OAuth Services (Eg.- Sign in with Google, Facebook, Twitter, etc) and 2.Phone-OTP Auth, does not work directly in Worker Mode in HTML5 Export/Preview. (Image reference shown above)

The "Firebase Auth (Worker)" Plugin

This plugin forces OAuth and Phone Auth to work even when Worker Mode is enabled.

However, if Worker is disabled, it is advised not to use this plugin.

Note that this Plugin is only for HTML5 Export. For Mobile Export there are different other Auth Plugins available in the Pro Pack.

(This plugin has been temporarily removed)