Getting Started

Last Updated: 07 Sep 2021

Create a Firebase Project

1. Go to

2. Create a Project. For Security reasons, do not include the word "firebase" in your Firebase project name.

3. Enable/Disable Google Analytics (as per your requirement)

4. Click on the Web button to add a Web App.

5. Next, Setup/Enable Firebase Realtime Database.

6. Go to Project Settings in Firebase Console.

7. Now in Construct 3 editor, Go to the Firebase SDK Property Bar

8. Copy and Paste the corresponding Data from here (exclude the inverted commas " ")

9. To Set databaseURL SubDomain, copy the portion of databaseURL in your SDK data code between https:// and

For example: https://[COPY_THIS_PORTION_IN BETWEEN]

10. Enable Auth, Database or Storage if you are using the corresponding plugins

11. Enable Debug if you want to debug. An example has been included in the BASIC package.

NOTE: The Firebase SDK is changing. Set the Firebase Version to 8.10.0 (latest Firebase v8)

Set Up Firebase Authentication

1. Go to Authentication > Sign-in method

2. Enable the required Sign-in providers by clicking on the Pencil icon

3. You must add an authorized domain. For now, scroll down, Click on Add domain and enter so that it will allow access from Construct 3 preview.

Set Up Firebase Realtime Database

1. Go to Database tab, scroll down to Realtime Database and click on Create Database

2. Select "Start in test mode" option, and click Enable.

And done! You are now ready to start with your Construct 3 project!

Try out some Demos and Examples and get started with your own project.

Add Firebase Objects in C3Editor

It is possible to include more than one Firebase Project SDKs in one Construct 3 project.
After adding a Firebase SDK object, for the other Firebase Plugins you must choose an SDK object that the plugin is referring to.

[refer to the image above]

Turn off Workers

For ease, turn off workers. To do so, go to Project Properties > Advanced > Use worker > Select "No"

NOTE: Worker support has been temporarily removed from Firebase SDK. See here why.

However, Worker Mode is usually good for your C3 project. It enhances memory management.
If Turning off Worker Mode disappoints you, then Firebase does also provide a way to fully support Worker Mode.
this article to know all about Firebase and Workers.


Debugging makes Development much more easier. It is a very important part of the Firebase Plugins. During testing, it is suggested to enable debugging.

Read these Docs to know more.