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Pack Includes:

  1. Firebase Authentication Pro

  2. Firebase Authentication Pro MOBILE

  3. Examples C3Ps

Firebase Authentication PRO: $10


1. Firebase Authentication PRO

  • Phone Authentication (using OTP) - Support on Mobile (Cordova) , Also allows Auto retrieve OTP.

  • OAuth - Google, Facebook, Apple, Twitter, Github, Microsoft & Yahoo - Support on Mobile (Cordova)

  • Persistence - Specify whether the user remains signed in or not after closing the app

  • Anonymous Auth - Visit the app as a Guest User

  • Link Multiple Auth Providers - Join two Auth accounts, can also be used with an anonymous account to convert it into a permanent account

  • User Auth Credentials - Allows you to control Sign In. Can be used with QR Codes to Sign In on a secondary device.

  • Manage more User Details - Phone number, Account Creation Time, Last Signed In Time, User Credentials, Auth Provider list

2. Example File

  • Auth Credentials-Sign In with QR Codes.c3p

  • Google Auth Cordova.c3p