Pack Includes:

  1. Firebase SDK

  2. Firebase Authentication BASIC

  3. Firebase Realtime-Database BASIC

  4. Firebase Cloud Firestore BASIC

  5. Firebase Cloud Storage BASIC

  6. Examples C3Ps

NOTE: BASIC Pack must be purchased before any of the PRO plugins can be used in a Construct 3 Project

Firebase BASIC Plugin Pack: $16


1. Firebase SDK Plugin

  • Install and initialize Firebase SDK

  • Managing multiple Firebase Projects

2. Firebase Authentication Basic Plugin

  • Email & Password Authentication

      • Sign up/in with Email and Password

      • Email Verification

      • Send Password Reset Email

      • Update User's Email, Password

      • Username & Password Authentication

  • Phone Authentication* (using OTP) [ *Supports HTML5 Export only - See PRO Plans for Mobile Export ]

  • OAuth* - Google, Facebook, Apple, Twitter, Github, Microsoft & Yahoo [ *Supports HTML5 Export only - See PRO Plans for Mobile Export ]

  • Manage User Details - Email, Username, Display Picture URL, User ID, Current Auth Provider

  • Delete User

3. Firebase Firestore Plugin & Firebase Realtime-Database Basic Plugin

  • Write Data

  • Increment/Decrement data

  • Read Data

  • Create/Read Leaderboard

  • Read Data as JSON

  • User Account (or Predefined) Mode: Write and Read data at/from an automatically created secure User Account location. Authentication must be enabled.

  • Custom Mode: Write and Read data at any custom location

4. Firebase Cloud Storage Basic Plugin

  • Upload Images and Files

  • Download Images and Files

5. Example Files

  • Google Auth.c3p

  • Facebook Auth.c3p

  • Phone Auth.c3p

  • Email Verification & Error Handling.c3p

  • Cloud Storage.c3p

  • Handling Multiple Firebase Project.c3p

  • [RD] Handling Data (UserAccount).c3p

  • [RD] Leaderboards (Custom & User).c3p

  • [RD] Using Multiple Databases (Sharding).c3p

  • [Firestore] Handling Data (Custom).c3p

  • [Firestore] Handling Data (UserAccount).c3p

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