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Firebase Plugin Bundle for C3

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NOTE: BASIC Pack is a necessity and it must be purchased before any of the "PRO" plugins

Firebase SDK
Firebase Authentication Basic
Firebase Realtime-Database Basic
Firebase Cloud Firestore
Firebase Cloud Storage

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OAuth (Google, Facebook, etc.) for Android & iOS (Cordova)
Phone Auth with OTP for Android & iOS (Cordova)
Other Advanced Auth operations

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Socialize- Chat Rooms, Post & Reply System, Friend Management, Tag users
User Online/Offline Status
Advanced Lists- Sorting and querying

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Firebase Cloud Messaging Plugin*

*Not released yet

Send and receive Notifications

Firebase Utilities*

*Not released yet

Firebase Dynamic Links
Firebase Analytics
Firebase Crashlytics
Firebase Remote Config
Firebase Performance


  1. Each purchase is a license to one (1) individual user.

  2. Each employee in a business must purchase their own individual copy.

  3. Contents or parts of the products cannot be shared, re-sold or re-licensed in any form.

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