A Collection of Database Management Plugins for Construct 3

Easily connect to Firebase Services in Construct 3.

We are not affiliated to Firebase in any way 

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Mediatech Game Studio | ★★★★★
May 4, 2021

Thanks to this, my next games to come out this year are with your online high score table. Thanks Sparsha !!! ❞

- itch.io

Laserwolve | ★★★★★
July 20, 2021

These plug-ins made adding online functionalities to my game super easy. Thanks Sparsha! ❞

- itch.io

ZAmalk | ★★★★★
July 20, 2021

I love your Chat Example! Thanks a lot for your plugins and constant support! ❞

- itch.io

gibbon | ★★★★★
October 23, 2021

❝ Really good plugin, seems very solid. This plugin set seems to work really well and the dev support is really good. Look forward to more from the author (firebase notifications!) ❞

- construct.net